“I can’t tell how happy I am of the photoshoot I had with Tuska ! Everything went perfectly well, from the organization to the delivery of a CD with many amazing pics. The shoot itself was fast, very efficient, in a relaxed but concentrated mood. Tuska already had ideas of the photos she could take, giving directions to the model. The result is a series of beautiful photos, where I really see the atmosphere I had in mind for my creations when we first discussed about it. Thank you again this amazing work !”
Serinde (designer)

We had a great photo shoot with Tuska. This was our first time really in front of the camera to get some professional pictures taken of us and our little baby daughter LIly. When we arrived she immediately made us all feel comfortable. During the shoot she made us feel really relaxed in front of the camera and gave us great guidance on how to pose and still look natural in front of the camera. Tuska is a really lovely lady and really easy to talk to but also very professional at all times. After receiving our images we were totally amazed with the results. The pictures look stunning and they will be something that our family and we ourselves will always cherish. Everyone who has seen the pictures have only said great things about them. We definitely recommend Tuska to anyone we know wishing to have pictures taken for any occasion or for portraits. We would like to thank her for all the hard work and for producing these amazing pictures of us. Tuska you are the best!!Just take a look at her portfolio; it speaks for itself about her ability. Thanks again, Tuska, for all of your time, help and patience. It is very much appreciated!
Karin Pottschul

We’d be more than happy to let the world know how amazing Tuska is at photography. Our son and we had the wonderful experience of being photographed by Tuska. She did an incredible job of capturing each of our personalities. We will definitely use Tuska in the future. Thanks again for your amazing talent.
Tomasz Pytka and Kira Dandourian

What I can say about “Tuska photography”……simple question, simple answer…. My session was very relaxed, and Tuska was an expert at entertaining me…I was getting lots of fun front of camera, and I’m so glad that i have these beautiful reminders. I could not have asked for better photographer. I’m also impressed that there are photos of me that I actually like…. what else I can say…definitely I will be back soon for more Thanks again xxx

I’m more than happy with Tuska’s work. She captured us in natural poses and created unique pictures witch I’m very thankful for.
Agnieszka Chodkiewicz

This was my first ever photo shoot, I’m usually very camera-shy. the day of the shoot I was 100% unprepared, the room we worked in had not been prepared in anyway and neither was I. Tuska arrived and with complete calm professionalism took control of the situation and within minutes created an amazing atmosphere in a room that was bare and unfriendly. The whole shoot she was relaxed yet completely professional. From the minute she arrived I knew I was in good hands. the end result was astounding! Tuska worked magic! I was bursting with happiness when I saw the result of her work!

Bels Harvey

I had the pleasure to work with Tuska for the photo shoot of my fashion collection Technology. I have worked with a few photographers before, but Tuska was definitely the best of them. She has that kind of attitude that makes the shooting relaxed, so everybody can work properly. She made the model to feel comfortable and also allowed me to comment the photo and the poses. After the shoot I felt really happy and I thought that we were an amazing team. The big surprise was when I received the pictures. She understood and made exactly what I was looking for. I had lot of perfect pictures and it was very difficult to choose those I wanted to use. It definitely was a highly professional job. It is not easy to find a photographer like Tuska. So I would suggest to everyone that needs a perfect job, call Tuska!!!
Ademaride (clothing designer)

Agnieszka has done a great job. She lead us well during the shooting and helped us to feel relaxed. And the result was amazing… We were both impressed with the pictures…having them hanging up the wall all around the room, looking at them make us feel better about ourselves and proud of our son! Thank you Agnieszka!
Alena Zuchovska.